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Black Magic tragedy

India always had a dark side. Many people still continue to believe in superstitions, which we thought had faded with time.
One such horror case which unearthed recently in Belagavi district of Karnataka, where a 9-year old boy was made a prey to this kind of rituals.

Fortunately, he survived the attempts made to sacrifice him. It clearly portrays a darker side of the people's mindset, where people still continue to follow and believe in Black Magic.

He's a Class 3 student, After returning home from school, He went missing. His Parents searched him the whole evening but couldn't find him. Fortunately, villagers who went for nature's call heard the cries of a boy.

Villagers rescued him from under a stone slab, where his legs and hands were found to be tied.

The police suspect that the boy was beaten up before being tied. They're on a hunt for the accused.

Many reports of Black Magic have been reported before from the state. It's scary and haunting. In this digital era, it's hard to believe that people still follow black-magic rituals.

The Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and Other Inhuman Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Bill which proposes to ban more than 23 illegal practices are yet to be passed in the house. Our politicians are busy arguing so much about demonetisation, that they often forget key bills which are to be approved.

Recent Statistics show that this winter session of the parliament is one of the least productive sessions in the past ten years.

Have we voted to waste our hard-earned money on these politicians? Many key bills are still pending in the parliament.

Tell us your opinion about Black-Magic. Have you encountered any such incidents in your life?

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