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Lie detecting machines to be installed at Airports soon !

As we bid adieu to 2016, Future has a lot to offer us. Here's something which may irk some travelers.

You may have to persuade a PC that you're telling the truth at some point in future during security checks at the airport, thanks to a brand new lie-detecting machine which could spot adjustments in body structure and behavior all through interviews with guests.

The Automated Virtual Agent for Truth tests in actual Time (AVATAR) is presently being examined to assist border protection agents to decide whether visitors entering Canada can also have undisclosed motives for coming into u. s . a .

“AVATAR is a machine, just like an airport take a look at in or grocery shop self-checkout kiosk,“ said Professor Aaron Elkins from San Diego country university in the US.

The lie-detecting machine can spot modifications in body structure and behavior in the course of interviews with travelers/ supply: Reuters
“but, this machine has a face at the screen that asks questions to passengers and might stumble on modifications in physiology and behavior all through the interview.

“The device can hit upon adjustments within the eyes, voice, gestures, and posture to decide ability danger. it can even to tell while you are curling your ft,“ said Elkins.

Passengers could step up to the machine (kiosk) and be requested a series of questions which include, “Do you've got fruits or vegetables for your bags?“ or “Are you sporting any weapons with you?“ Eye-detection software program and movement and strain sensors could display the passengers as they solution the questions, seeking out telltale physiological symptoms of mendacity or soreness.

The gadget can locate changes in the eyes, voice, gestures, and posture to determine capability risk/ supply: Reuters

The kiosk would additionally ask a chain of innocuous questions to establish baseline measurements so human beings are naturally nervous about flying, for instance, could not be unduly singled out.
As soon as the kiosk detected deception, they might flag those passengers for further scrutiny from human retailers.
“We've come to recognize that this could be used no longer only for border security, however additionally for regulation enforcement, activity interviews, and other human assets applications as well,“ Elkins said.

“AVATAR has been tested in labs, in airports, and at border crossing stations,“ Elkins stated.

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